Marian Rosa Montagut

Benifaió (Valencia). Marian Rosa Montagut started musical studies at her hometown, and graduated with a Bachelor in Piano Performance from the Conservatory Joaquín Rodrigo in Valencia as well as a Bachelor in Philosophy from the University of Valencia. She then specialized in early and baroque music, studying with J. L. González Uriol at the Conservatory in Zaragoza. Marian has studied harpsichord with Albert Romaní and Eduard Martínez, and she has attended masterclasses by J. Ogg, R. Alesandrini, W. Jansen, E. López Banzo, and more. Founder of Harmonia del Parnàs, Marian conducts and plays harpsichord in this ensemble that has released eight albums and toured Europe and America, in addition to being a frequent collaborator with other groups as organist, harpsichordist, and conductor. She earned the Advanced Studies Diploma from the Doctoral Program in Musicology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), and has been awarded several scholarships because of her research and preservation of Spanish music. The subject of women in music, and in art in general, is another of her fields of study. She has published articles in numerous scientific magazines, dictionaries and books such as the CSIC or the Anuario Musical. Likewise, she has participated as a speaker and giving training courses at the University of Valencia, the University of León, the University of Almería, as well as in Poland, France, Havana, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Chicago or New York. She recently was part of the committee of the International Congress of Musicology organized by the TEMPUS Music Research and Diffusion Center, of which she is currently in charge, an activity that she combines with the direction of Harmonia del Parnàs.

We are interested in the music recovery with criteria, we make the past known because without it the present cannot be built. It is a rescue effort in which an unknown work or author is taken to the public.


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among others…


  • Congreso Internacional de Musicología Tempus, València.
  • Congreso Conmemorativo tercer centenario de la muerte de Joan Cabanilles, Universitat de València.
  • Muestra Internacional de la Música Valenciana, Palau de la Música.
  • Congreso Un paseo por la Valencia Musical: un espacio para la investigación, la creación y la interpretación musical, VIU.
  • Congreso Internacional Juan de Ribera, València.
  • Congresos de la Sociedad Española de Musicología, Oviedo-Logroño.
  • Congreso Internacional de Música en Cataluña. Consell Català de la Música, Barcelona.
  • Congreso de la Asociación de Archiveros de la Iglesia en España, Oviedo-Covadonga.

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  • Universitat de València.
  • Universidad de León.
  • Universidad de Almería.
  • City University New York.
  • Universidad de Chicago.
  • Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Música Cubana, La Habana.
  • Centro Cultural de España, Buenos Aires.

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